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“A smile is the mirror of the heart”. Current dental treatments not only seek to offer functionality and comfort to the patient, they also aim to satisfy the aesthetics and, consequently, the patient’s self-esteem.

Today there are high aesthetic oral demands: white teeth, well aligned, harmony in the smile, minimal presence of perioral wrinkles, etc. In fact, there are many patients who come to the clinic exclusively requesting cosmetic treatments. In these situations, dentists are obliged to inform the patient about the priorities in the treatments required by each patient, as appropriate, always giving priority to health.

However, there are many cases in which a good dental treatment is not attractive to the patient or their environment if it is not reflected by a beautiful smile. Aesthetic treatments are essential in current times to reinforce the patient’s self-esteem and their degree of satisfaction with the work.

We offer different PAYMENT METHODS and FINANCING customized to particular needs of each patient.

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