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Today, orthodontics has become one of the dental treatments most demanded by patients. With orthodontics, it is not only intended to improve the aesthetics of the smile and the patient’s self-esteem, it is also used to correct malocclusions: when the gear between the upper and lower teeth is not correct and generates discomfort in the patient when chewing, prevents you from having adequate hygiene and even problems in the temporo-mandibular joint.

Some of these pathologies are unknown to the patient, because they either do not relate their problems of joint pain or poor hygiene with the oral and / or maxillary cavity, or because it does not currently show any of these pathologies. For this reason, it is essential to go to the dentist regularly to be diagnosed and treated properly in time.

In Clínica dental Marea, we offer different orthodontic treatments that adapt to each patient, according to their needs, be it lingual, invisible or conventional orthodontics with braces. We also treat the smallest of the house, correcting the development of the child’s facial skeleton from an early age to prevent them from appearing in adulthood.

We offer different PAYMENT METHODS and FINANCING customized to particular needs of each patient.

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