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Gum bleeding, dental mobility or “pyorrhea” and spontaneous tooth decay in adults are diseases that, within the broad field of dentistry, corresponds to their study, diagnosis and treatment of periodontics. This discipline studies all those tissues that surround and hold the tooth: gum, root cement, periodontal ligament and alveolar bone.

It is vital for proper oral health, to go to the dentist for periodic reviews to prevent diseases related to the periodontium. Bleeding gums or gingivitis, while it is true that it may be indicative of physiological disorders such as pregnancy or menstruation in women, is the initial state of periodontal disease. It must be assumed that under normal health conditions, the gum does not bleed unless it is damaged externally.

Therefore, if there is bleeding gums without apparent cause you have to be alert and go to the dentist, it could be the beginning of the aforementioned periodontal disease that, if not treated properly by a professional, could evolve to a more stage serious and compromise our oral and general health.

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