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When one or more teeth have been lost in the mouth for some unfortunate reason, they are replaced by dentures. Dental prostheses are also used in some treatments with high aesthetic requirements. There are different types of dentures, and each one adapts to the different needs according to the comfort, economy and aesthetics that the patient demands.

Thus, prostheses can be supported on gum (“dentures”), on teeth (“covers, crowns or bridges”), on implants and also a combination of the above. The materials with which they are manufactured are also modified depending on the masticatory forces received by the prosthesis, the location, the patient’s habits, bone morphology, intolerances to certain metals … The same treatment cannot be applied to each patient.

Therefore, if you lack teeth or if you are not comfortable with your mouth, go to Clínica dental Marea and we will give you information so that you receive a treatment appropriate to your situation.

We offer different PAYMENT METHODS and FINANCING customized to particular needs of each patient.

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