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At Clinica dental Marea we offer a wide range of services related to dental health. Even so, if you do not find the type of treatment you are looking for in this list, contact us and we will give you an alternative solution.

Dental implants

Implantes dentales

With dental implantology, together with proper prosthetic rehabilitation, the teeth that have been lost in the mouth are replaced, recovering again the functionality, aesthetics and comfort of the patient.

It is essential to use first-class materials to avoid complications, since an implant is still an artificially placed element in the oral cavity that aims to be incorporated into the body without posing a risk to the patient’s health.

In Clínica dental Marea, patient satisfaction is the raw material of our work, and therefore, we only work with Straumann Implants, the best scientific and clinical evidence has shown in the area of ​​dental implantology. In addition, we have the collaboration of our surgeon-implantologist, Dr. Carlos Naranjo, who has been working in the area of ​​implantology and oral surgery for more than twenty years and pampering his patients.

Do not hesitate to contact our team to receive the best advice.



Today, orthodontics has become one of the dental treatments most demanded by patients. With orthodontics, it is not only intended to improve the aesthetics of the smile and the patient’s self-esteem, it is also used to correct malocclusions: when the gear between the upper and lower teeth is not correct and generates discomfort in the patient when chewing, prevents you from having adequate hygiene and even problems in the temporo-mandibular joint.

Some of these pathologies are unknown to the patient, because they either do not relate their problems of joint pain or poor hygiene with the oral and / or maxillary cavity, or because it does not currently show any of these pathologies. For this reason, it is essential to go to the dentist regularly to be diagnosed and treated properly in time.

In Clínica dental Marea, we offer different orthodontic treatments that adapt to each patient, according to their needs, be it lingual, invisible or conventional orthodontics with braces. We also treat the smallest of the house, correcting the development of the child’s facial skeleton from an early age to prevent them from appearing in adulthood.



Gum bleeding, dental mobility or “pyorrhea” and spontaneous tooth decay in adults are diseases that, within the broad field of dentistry, corresponds to their study, diagnosis and treatment of periodontics. This discipline studies all those tissues that surround and hold the tooth: gum, root cement, periodontal ligament and alveolar bone.

It is vital for proper oral health, to go to the dentist for periodic reviews to prevent diseases related to the periodontium. Bleeding gums or gingivitis, while it is true that it may be indicative of physiological disorders such as pregnancy or menstruation in women, is the initial state of periodontal disease. It must be assumed that under normal health conditions, the gum does not bleed unless it is damaged externally.

Therefore, if there is bleeding gums without apparent cause you have to be alert and go to the dentist, it could be the beginning of the aforementioned periodontal disease that, if not treated properly by a professional, could evolve to a more stage serious and compromise our oral and general health.

At Clínica dental Marea we have professionals who are concerned about your health and willing to always offer you a successful solution. Do not hesitate to make an appointment with our medical team.

Dental Aesthetics

Estética dental

“A smile is the mirror of the heart”. Current dental treatments not only seek to offer functionality and comfort to the patient, they also aim to satisfy the aesthetics and, consequently, the patient’s self-esteem.

Today there are high aesthetic oral demands: white teeth, well aligned, harmony in the smile, minimal presence of perioral wrinkles, etc. In fact, there are many patients who come to the clinic exclusively requesting cosmetic treatments. In these situations, dentists are obliged to inform the patient about the priorities in the treatments required by each patient, as appropriate, always giving priority to health.

However, there are many cases in which a good dental treatment is not attractive to the patient or their environment if it is not reflected by a beautiful smile. Aesthetic treatments are essential in current times to reinforce the patient’s self-esteem and their degree of satisfaction with the work.

Conservative dentistry

Odontología conservadora

Taking into account that without the teeth, tongue and salivary secretion the correct chewing would not take place, we must preserve the oral structures that participate during this process, since proper nutrition is essential to maintain a good state of health. With conservative dentistry we intend to maintain, by means of few invasive treatments, the teeth in the oral cavity: fillings, reconstructions, endodontics, splinting, etc.

It should be emphasized that today both clinicians and patients want, whenever feasible, to keep natural teeth as intact as possible. At Clínica dental Marea, we have dentists with experience in this area that is so much in demand today. Our professionals will explain the different treatment options and advise you about the treatment that best solves your situation.



When one or more teeth have been lost in the mouth for some unfortunate reason, they are replaced by dentures. Dental prostheses are also used in some treatments with high aesthetic requirements. There are different types of dentures, and each one adapts to the different needs according to the comfort, economy and aesthetics that the patient demands.

Thus, prostheses can be supported on gum (“dentures”), on teeth (“covers, crowns or bridges”), on implants and also a combination of the above. The materials with which they are manufactured are also modified depending on the masticatory forces received by the prosthesis, the location, the patient’s habits, bone morphology, intolerances to certain metals … The same treatment cannot be applied to each patient.

Therefore, if you lack teeth or if you are not comfortable with your mouth, go to Clínica dental Marea and we will give you information so that you receive a treatment appropriate to your situation.

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