Clínica dental Marea project is born from the illusion of creating a work philosophy and a space in which the patient feels comfortable, calm and safe in the face of professional treatment and human treatment received by part of a professional team enthusiastic, passionate and dedicated to a job well done.

We are a multidisciplinary team that seeks to offer a wide range of solutions adapted to each patient, for which, we have modern facilities and we strive to learn innovative and scientifically founded techniques and treatments to implement in our daily practice always thinking in the well-being of our patients.

For us it is important the acceptance and collaboration of patients in our clinical practice. Therefore, before starting any procedure we take our time to explain in detail the proposed actions and the expected results, and we only carry them out when we confirm that the patient has understood and accepted them.

For all these reasons, we hope to see you soon at Clínica dental Marea to help and advise you for the good maintenance of your oral health.